Gauchos, Descamisados y Los Perones




Use the links at the bottom (or others) to answer the questions regarding the people of Argentina. You must get 15 points on this section in order to get an "A".  Be sure to list any links you use!

1.)  Who were/are the "gauchos"?  Where did/do they live? Do we have anything similar in the United States?  What did/do they stand for?  Are they revered (respected)  by the Argentines?  3 points

2.)  Write a short biography of Eva Perón.  Who was she?  Where did she come from?  How did she become famous?  What position did she hold or want to hold?  What happened to her?  Why is she venerated by so many people? What were some positive things she did?  What were some negative things she did?  5 points

3.)  Who were the "descamisados"  and what role did they play in Argentine politics in the 1930's, 40's and 50's?  3 points

4.)  What did Juan Perón do that made him famous (besides marrying Eva Peron)? Was he a good man or a not so good one, and why?  Be specific.     3 points

5.)  Who is the current president of Argentina?  Is he or she popular?  How is the economy doing? (Be specific!)  2 points

6.)  What groups of indigenous peoples live in Argentina?  If they are generally in one region where do they live within the country?  3 points

7.)  What is the most popular sport in Argentina?  1 point

8.)  When did Argentina last win the World Cup?  Who was their opponent and  where was the game played?  What was the final score?  Who was the hero of the series?  3 points

9.)  Choose one of the authors below, tell me when they lived, their writing style, the names of some of their most famous works and what they're about. 3 points  (You can use Yahoo or Google to find them.  Just be sure to list the site you used!)

                 Jorge Luis Borges    Marco Denevi    Luis Cortázar 

10.)  Who are the "Abuelas de la plaza de mayo" and what do they want?  Be very  specific.  3 points

11.)  What was "La guerra sucia" in Argentina?  Give a brief history of what it was, who was affected?  When did it occur?  3 points