More than just tango!

Try to find information to answer the questions.  Remember, you need 15 points on this section to get an "A".

1.)  What is the "tango"?  Where did it originate?   3 points

2.) Choose an Argentine band or performer and describe their music, give a brief history of their music and tell me their target audience (if their popular to young people, old folks, etc.).  3 points

3.)  Briefly tell me about a famous tango singer.  What are some of his/her big hits?   2 points

4.)  What are the top 20 hits on "Radio lt24, FM 88"?  How many of the songs are from Argentina?  How many are from other countries?  Do you notice any similarities between this station and the music you listen to?  Are any of your favorite songs on this list?  What does this say about your musical tastes compared to that of young people from Argentina?  4 points

5.)  Who is Roy Elder?  What kind of music/instrument does he play?  2 points

6.)  Who was "Soda Stereo"?  How long were they together?  How many albums did they make?  Listen to some of their songs.  Do you like the music or not?  Why?       3 points 

7.)  Find some Argentine bands on the Internet.  What kind of music appears to
      be popular for young people in Argentina?  2 points

8.)  Check out some Argentine folk music.  What does it sound like?  Is it like American folk music?  Why or why not?  2 points

9.) Pick one of these bands and listen to some of their music.  What type of music is it?  Do you like it? Why/why not?

          Los Enanitos Verdes       Los Pericos         León Gieco