Desde La Quiaca a Ushuaia

Have some fun learning about the geography of this country.  Because the country is so long and bordered by mountains and ocean, it has a tremendously varied topography.  Answer the question below using the provided links or any other you can find.  Be sure to list any link you use. 
Remember, you need 15 points to get an "A". 

1.)  How long is Argentina from north to south?  What cities are located at these 2 places?   2 points

2.)  What are the natural boundaries of Argentina?  (mountains, rivers, etc.  Be specific!) What countries border Argentina?  3 points

3.)  Where in Argentina have dinosaur fossils been found?  Be specific and tell me what is important about these finds?  3 points

4.)  What is the name of the large waterfalls in Argentina?  Where is it located? How big is it?  Be specific!  What makes it special?   3 points

5.)  Describe the "Perito Moreno".  What is it?    Where is it?  How big is it?  What happens to it every few years?  3 points

6.)  Compare and contrast the geographic and climatic regions of Argentina.  How is the north different from the south?  How are the "pampas" different from the "altiplano" and where is each located?  What is Patagonia like?  Be specific!  5 points

7.)  Pick up to 3 of these cities, describe its topography, population, climate and location.  2 points each.

   Bariloche  Mar del Plata  Buenos Aires  Rosario  Jujuy  Mendoza

8.)   What is the tallest mountain in the Andes?  Where is it located and how high is it?
         2 points

9.)  How many provinces make up the country of Argentina?  What are their names?
        2 points