Beef, beef and more beef!  Some chicken, lamb and fish, too!



Follow the links below (or others) to find information on main dishes and traditional foods from Argentina.  There are even pages of recipes so you can make them at home!  (Or bring them in for the class!)  Remember, you need to get 15 points for an "A"!  Make sure to list any links you use.

1.)  What are "empanadas"?  Besides beef, what else is used in making them?
       3 points

2.)  What is an "asado"?  What are different ways to cook one?
       3 points

3.)  What is "mate" and how is it consumed?
      3 points

4.)  What is a favorite dessert and what are the ingredients?
      3 points

5.)  Find an Argentine restaurant online and describe its menu.  What do you notice about the ingredients of the main dishes?  How does this relate to the climate, geographic location and natural resources of Argentina?     5 points

6.)  Looking at the restaurants listed online, what other kinds of foods are available or popular there?  (Mexican, French, etc.)          2 points

7.)  What is "matambre"?  How is it made?    2 points

8.)  Find a recipe that looks good to you.  Is it similar to something you now eat?  Why do you think it would be good?  2 points

9.)  What are "alfajores"?  When would you normally eat one?       2 points

10.)  What is "dulce de leche"?  1 point