Argentina: De todo, un poco.
Por Shawn Mason,  Bear River High School




This activity will introduce you to the 8th largest nation in the 
world; Argentina.  Students will get a taste of the varied and beautiful 
geography, the music and dances, the delicious foods, the rich 
diversity and a little bit of the history of this wonderful country.

    Conexiones, Culturas, Communicación

Bear River High School ESLR's:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures
  • Recognize the importance of an international perspective
  • Use print, electronic and other available resources to conduct research
  • Be able to access and process information using online and electronic resources
  • Demonstrate competence in the use of a computer to include keyboarding, basic word processing...
  • Work in groups in a variety of settings
  • Participate in different group member roles
  • Prioritize tasks and manage time in a group process
  • Listen, speak to, confer, and teach others in a group setting
  • Use online and electronic sources for research
Actividades para estudiantes:
Answer the questions in WORD format (or another word processing 
application) and turn them in by the due date.  Each question is worth 
a certain number of points.  Email me your finished project.

Remember, you will need to get a minimum of 15 points in each section to get a "3".  


Follow this to a page filled with links about Argentine food, restaurants 
and recipes!  See me if you are interested in making some Argentine 
food to bring in to the class  for a little extra credit!

Follow this link to a page which talks about some of Argentina's most 
famous people or groups.

Argentina is a very large country with tremendous geographical diversity.  This page will help you learn more about all Argentina has to offer!

What do you know about Argentine music?  Probably not a lot.  
This web page will link you to many sites which discuss many of the 
different types of music which are popular in Argentina.

Resultados (Results) 
By the end of this activity you should have learned quite a bit about 
Argentina.  Write your answers in WORD format (or any other word 
processing program) and turn them in on the day indicated in class.  
Please keep your answers from each section grouped (i.e.  all foods 
answers grouped together, all people answers grouped together).
Also, on your answer sheet you will need to write the number of the
question at the beginning of your answer.  You do not need to rewrite 
the question.

Recursos de la red (Web Resources)
Feel free to use any website but..., you must list the
web site from where you took the information!

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Shawn Mason:
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