Español AP Daily Assignments and Homework


2nd Semester (1st Semester is farther down.)




lunes 23    206-207 new vocab!  HW:  WB 7.3

miércoles 25  Vocab Charades  HW: WB 7.4

viernes 27  QUIZ Vocab

miércoles 31  142-143 El imperfecto del Subjuntivo (Past subjunctive) HW:  WB 5.5  PODCAST


viernes 2   Practice the Past Subjunctive!!  Conjuguemos

martes 6  Create 10 slides espressing 10 things that Sr. Mason's parents wanted him to do.  Use the past subjunctive

jueves 8   QUIZ Past subjunctive

lunes 12   Read El Conde Lucanor on pgs. 155-156  Answer questions on pg. 157 section A

miércoles 14  158-159 1-7

martes 20   146-147 Super fun suffixes!  HW: WB  5.9

jueves 22  CHAPTER 5 TEST!!

lunes 26  170-171 new vocab  HW: WB 6.3

miércoles 28  Create a Quizlet using definitions (yes, in Spanish) of the new vocab!  One quizlet for the whole group.


viernes 1  QUIZ on the new vocab.

martes 5  174-175 New vocab   Define all of the new vocab in Spanish.  Get ready for CATCH PHRASE!!

jueves 7  Well we were going to play Catch Phrase today except half the class was on a field trip.,  So we will play it on Monday!

lunes 11 Catch Phrase!!

miércoles 13  OK, today we are actually playing Catch Phrase!

martes 19  QUIZ Vocab Ch 6 Pt 2

jueves 21   Guided conversations


lunes 1  178-179 The subjunctive with conjunctions of time HW: WB 6.8   PODCAST

miércoles 3  More fun with the subjunctive with conjunctions of time.

viernes 5  QUIZ on the subjunctive with conjunctions of time

martes 9   180-181 Subjunctive with special verbs (implied commands)  HW: WB 6.10

jueves 11  Pretend you are the parent of 4 unruly children.  Using the verbs we covered, write 10 sentences about what you ask/tell/advise/etc. them to do.

martes 16  You are the dictator of your very own pariah nation.  What do you command your citizens to do?  You need 10.

jueves 18  QUIZ  Subjunctive w/ implied commands.

martes 23  182 Irregular nouns  HW: WB 6.11

jueves 25 La Inquisición española  Chapter Review Game

lunes 29   CHAPTER TEST!


miércoles 1  206-207 New Vocab!  HW: WB 7:3

viernes 3  Watch this documentary

martes 7  Begin Biography of Pablo Picasso  HW: Look up the Museo del Prado in Spain, choose a painting you like and write a paragraph describiing why you like it (Yes, in Spanish).

jueves 9 Define the vocab in Spanish!  Finish documentary

lunes 13  Due to the high number of missing students we watched a documentary on Joan Miro

miércoles15  210-211 New vocab!   HW: WB 7.6

viernes 17  Catch Phrase!

miércoles 22  QUIZ Vocab Ch 7 Both Parts

viernes 24 Seniors gone today

martes 29  Final Review











martes / miércoles 16/17  Boring class rules and syllabus 

jueves 18  Check out textbook;  Begin review of Preterite Tense  PODCAST

lunes 22  Begin Review Irregular Preterite  HANDOUT

miércoles 24  Ball game with Preterite verbs; Board game with Preterite verbs (Wow!  A lot of games today!) HW: Write 20 things Mason did in his life. (Use the preterite tense!  At least 10 of these things should be irregular preterite verbs.

viernes 26  Review the Imperfect Tense   Write 10 things you used to do as a child

martes 30  Differences between preterite & imperfect  HANDOUT  PODCAST


jueves 1  Differences between preterite & imperfect with specific verbs (Grab the handout in class)  Start writing stories

martes 6  Continue w/ stories

jueves 8   Present stories

lunes 12  Direct Object Pronouns  Handout   PODCAST 1   PODCAST 2 

miércoles 14  Review questions on handout     Tons of practice with D.O.P.s using these websites:


viernes 16  QUIZ Direct Object Pronouns!

martes 20  Indirect Object Pronouns   Very important handout!     PODCAST

jueves 22  Finish handout      Tons of practice using these websites:  


lunes 26   QUIZ Indirect Object Pronouns   Then begin Double Object Pronouns   PODCAST   HW: HANDOUT

miércoles 28  QUIZLET LIVE    Then, practice with the websites:


viernes 30  QUIZ Double Object Pronouns


martes 4  R66 Present Perfect Tense  PODCAST   Play- 2 truths and a lie   HW: Say 10 things that Mason has done in his life (Keep it clean!)

jueves 6  QUIZ Present Perfect

lunes 10  Pgs. 138-139  new vocab   HW: WB 5.3

miércoles 12  Vocab charades     Write a paragraph using at least 9 of the new vocab words    HW: WB 5.4

viernes 14  Catch Phrase!

martes 25  142 Past Subjunctive  HW: Write 5 sentences using the past subjunctive   PODCAST

jueves 27  What did others want you to do?  Write 7 things other people wanted/hoped/doubted that you did.  Use the past subjunctive.

lunes 31  Now write some sentences where a famous person from history says what they wanted/hoped/doubted that other people did.



miércoles 2  Continue fun with the past subjunctive    "Pass along" story time (1 person starts a sentence and the next person finishes the sentence using the past subjunctive)   QUIZ FRIDAY!!!

viernes 4  QUIZ Past Subjunctive

martes 8  Vocab QUIZ!

jueves 10   La Inquisición Española (review game)

martes 15  Read  El Conde Lucanor pages 155-156  Answer section A from 157   TEST THURSDAY!

jueves 17   Chapter TEST!

lunes 21    Return tests,  Quiz re-takes

lunes/martes 28/29   Out me, you don't want to know about it!    It was NASTY!

miércoles 30  170-171 new vocab!  HW: WB 6.3



viernes 2  Vocab charades

martes 6  Group skits.  Create a skit using at least 14 words from the vocab.

jueves 8  Vocab quiz!

lunes 12   174-175 New vocab!   HW: Define vocab words

miércoles 14  Catch Phrase!

viernes 16  QUIZ Vocab Ch 6 Part 2



miércoles 4  178 Subjunctive with conjunctions of time  HW: WB 6.8

viernes 6  180 The subjunctive w/ special verbs

martes 10  182 Irregular Nouns