Español 2 Daily Assignments and Homework

2nd Semester (1st Semester is farther down.)




martes/miércoles 9/10  New Vocab!  42-43  HW: WB 2.5

jueves/viernes 11/12  Vocab charades  

martes/miércoles  16/17  Vocab QUIZ Ch 2 Part 2

jueves/viernes 18/19  Review for CHAPTER TEST!!  Pages 60-61 sections 1,2, 4 & 5

lunes/martes 22/23  La Inquisición Española (Review game)

miércoles/jueves 24/25  CHAPTER TEST!!!

viernes/martes 26/30 Review tests.  Película

miércoles/jueves 31/1  New vocab!  Pgs 72-73  HW: WB Pg. 3.3   Also you should start Cerego for chapter 3


viernes/miercoles 2/7  Create a slideshow in which you decsribe a train trip.  It must contain 6 slides, with a picture on each slide,
                               and include at least 15 words from the new vocab.  You should show each step of the process (i.e buying
                               the ticket, where each step takes place, etc.)  Share with me when finished.

jueves/viernes 8/9  Show off your slides!  Play some

lunes/martes 12/13  QUIZ on vocab Ch 3 part 1    76-77 New Vocab!!  HW: WB 3.6 & 3.7

martes/miércoles 20/21  80-81 Review the Preterite Tense *screams of anguish*  HW: WB 3.9

jueves/viernes 22/23  Practice the preterite tense!  Ball Game     Board Game     HW: Write 5 things you did yesterday.

lunes/martes 26/27  With a partner write a synopsis of a dozen or so recent news events.  Use the preterite tense!

miércoles/jueves 28/29  QUIZ  Preterite tense   Begin review for chapter test! 


viernes/lunes 1/4  La Inquisición Española  (Review game for Chapter Test!)

martes/miércoles 5/6   CHAPTER 3 TEST!!!!!

jueves/viernes 7/8   106-107 New Vocab  HW: WB 4.3   QUIZLET

lunes/martes 11/12  Write a short paragraph using 12 of our new vocab words

miércoles/jueves 13/14  108 #5    Role play- restaurant waiter/customer  Use at least 15 vocab words in your skit

viernes/lunes 15/18    Create a menu for a new restaurant.  Use all of the new food vocab words and look up 10 more foods to include in your menu. 

                                    You can do this on paper or on a Google doc that you share with me.  Include a picture/drawing of each menu item and a price!

martes/miércoles 19/20  QUIZ Vocab Ch 4

jueves/viernes 21/22    116 The passive 'se'    HW: WB 4.10    QUIZLET     PODCAST


lunes/martes 1/2  Begin recipe projects - Using the passive 'se' and verbs related to cooking, create 8 slides with pictures where you
                              demonstrate the preparation of a recipe.  You need at least 4 ingredients and 4 different verbs with the passive 'se'.
                                For example: Se hierve el agua - with a picture of boiling water
                               This will be due on Friday the 5th or Monday the 8th depending on your class' schedule day.

miércoles/jueves 3/4  Time to finish your projects              Present your projects

viernes/lunes 5/8  QUIZ  Passive 'se'

martes/miércoles 9/10  La Inquisición (Chapter review game)

jueves/viernes CHAPTER 4 TEST!!

martes/miércoles 16/17   138-139 New vocab  HW: WB 5.3  QUIZLET

jueves/viernes 18/19  Vocab charades     Create vocab crossword puzzles.

martes/miércoles 23/24  Exchange & fill-in crosswords    Cerego time    QUIZLET live

jueves/viernes 25/26    QUIZ Vocab Ch 5 pt 1

lunes/martes 29/30  142-143 New vocab!!  HW: WB 5.4


miėrcoles/jueves 1/2   Create skits using 18 vocab words and present to class  QUIZLET

viernes/lunes 3/6  QUIZ  Ch 5 Vocab part 2

martes/miércoles 7/8  146-150 the Imperfect Tense  PODCAST    HW: WB 5.5, 5.7 & 5.9 (just those 3 pages)

jueves/viernes 9/10  Ball Game,  Conjuguemos

lunes/martes  13/14  Due to recent tragic events, the quiz has been postponed a day

miércoles/jueves 15/16  QUIZ the Imperfect tense   Begin Preterite vs. Imperfect  HANDOUT      PODCAST

viernes/martes 17/21  In your group, use at least 10 preterite verbs and 8 imperfect verbs to explain the plot of a children's movie.

miércoles/jueves 22/23  Begin Story Projects!

viernes/martes 24/28 Project Time

miércoles/jueves 29/30  Turn in Projects

viernes/lunes 31/3 Review day  Seniors in 2nd period take FINAL


martes-viernes 4-7 FINALS!  BRING CHROMEBOOK!

1st Semester




martes / miércoles 16/17  Boring class rules and syllabus 

jueves / viernes 18/19   Check out textbooks    Begin Span 1 review on page R2   Draw and label your family tree and draw and label your house

lunes/martes 22/23  Continue Span 1 review

miércoles/jueves 24/25  Continue review of Spanish 1  Today we're conjugating regular -ar, -er and -ir verbs

viernes/lunes 26/29  Review stem-changing verbs

martes/miércoles 30/31  Using at least 6 regular verbs and 3 stem-changing verbs, make up a story of a fictional character.  Illustrate the story.


jueves/viernes 1/2  Review Telling Time and Expressing Dates  

martes/miércoles 6/7  Review numbers 1-100   Finish the review packet I handed out so long ago.

jueves/viernes 8/9   Page R44 Comparisons and Superlatives  HW: Make 5 different comparisons between different people/groups/things.  These should be done in Google Slides and include pictures.  Email them to me when finished.  

lunes/martes  12/13    Present your slides

miércoles/lunes 14/19   Page R51  Begin with the Preterite Tense *evil music playing*     PODCAST


            HW: Write 10 sentences about what you did last summer.  Use the preterite tense!\

martes/miércoles 20/21  Write 8 sentences about what Sr. Mason did as a teenager. (Keep it clean!)  Draw a picture for each.

jueves/viernes 22/23  QUIZ Regular preterite

lunes/martes 26/27  Irregular Preterite (Quick!  Run and hide!)    HANDOUT   

                                    HW: WB Write 10 things you did.  (Use irregular preterite verbs only!)

miércoles/jueves 28/29  Practice Irregular Preterite Verbs   Ball Game    Board Game    QUIZLET

viernes/lunes 30/3 ¿Quién es?  Choose a famous person (real or fictitious).  Create a slideshow with 6 slides.  

                        Each slide tells one thing that this famous person did.  Use a combination of regular and irregular verbs.  

                        You need a picture/drawing/image for each slide.  But don't tell us who the person is.  We're going to guess!



martes/miércoles 4/5  Create crossword puzzles using 20 irregular preterite verbs

jueves/viernes 6/7   QUIZ Irregular Preterite

lunes/martes 10/11   Pgs 4-5 new vocab!  HW: WB 1.3 & 1.4

miércoles/jueves 12/13  Vocabulary charades!    QUIZ RETAKES       NO HW!

viernes/lunes 14/24    Create your own Altar for Día de los Muertos

martes/miércoles 25/26     6 #1,  7 #4   HW  WB: 1.4 D & E     Continue Coco

jueves/viernes 27/28   QUIZ!  Vocab ch. 1

lunes/martes 31/1     Pages 8-9 new vocab   HW: WB 1.5



miércoles/jueves 2/3  Vocab charades, vocab pictionary     HW: 10 #1

viernes/lunes 4/7    15 the Present Progressive tense   PODCAST    HW: WB 1.10

martes/miércoles 8/9   Create 5 slides showing people doing activities and labeled with the Present Progressive tense.

               Class wide competition - Get the high score on this website    Click on Guided Practice!

jueves/lunes 10/14  QUIZZES!  Present Progressive AND Vocab section 2!

martes/miércoles 15/16  Complete sections 1, 2, 3 & 5 from pages 26-27     Write in on paper and turn it in!

jueves/viernes 17/18   La Inquisición Española

lunes/martes 21/22  CHAPTER 1 TEST!

lunes/martes 28/29   Out me, you don't want to know about it!    It was NASTY!

miércoles/jueves 30/1  38-39 new vocab!  HW: WB 2.3



viernes/lunes 2/5  Practice reflexive verbs; 40 #1  PODCAST

martes/miércoles 6/7   Create 7 slides outlining your daily routine.  Use only reflexive verbs!  When finished, practice with this site:


jueves/viernes 8/9  Create a slideshow describing Señor Mason's daily routine.  Use ONLY reflexive verbs!  You need 8 slides.  Use complete sentences!

                    BE SURE TO USE THE él/ella/Ud form with the reflexive pronoun 'se' for all of them.  Oh...and don't have me doing anything too illegal, ok?

                        WHEN YOU FINISH, SHARE THEM WITH ME.

lunes/martes 12/13  Practice QUIZ  Reflexive verbs   

miércoles/jueves 14/15  QUIZ Reflexive verbs

viernes/martes   16/3  QUIZ retakes and glory in the fact that ARGENTINA WON THE WORLD CUP!



miércoles/jueves 4/5  New Vocab!  42-43  HW: WB 2.5

viernes/lunes 6/9  Vocab charades  

martes/miércoles  10/11  Vocab QUIZ Ch 2 Part 2

jueves/viernes 12/13   REVIEW FOR FINALS

martes-viernes 17-20 FINAL EXAMS