Español 2 Daily Assignments and Homework



martes / miércoles 16/17  Boring class rules and syllabus 

jueves / viernes 18/19   Check out textbooks    Begin Span 1 review on page R2   Draw and label your family tree and draw and label your house

lunes/martes 22/23  Continue Span 1 review

miércoles/jueves 24/25  Continue review of Spanish 1  Today we're conjugating regular -ar, -er and -ir verbs

viernes/lunes 26/29  Review stem-changing verbs

martes/miércoles 30/31  Using at least 6 regular verbs and 3 stem-changing verbs, make up a story of a fictional character.  Illustrate the story.


jueves/viernes 1/2  Review Telling Time and Expressing Dates  

martes/miércoles 6/7  Review numbers 1-100   Finish the review packet I handed out so long ago.

jueves/viernes 8/9   Page R44 Comparisons and Superlatives  HW: Make 5 different comparisons between different people/groups/things.  These should be done in Google Slides and include pictures.  Email them to me when finished.  

lunes/martes  12/13    Present your slides

miércoles/lunes 14/19   Page R51  Begin with the Preterite Tense *evil music playing*     PODCAST


            HW: Write 10 sentences about what you did last summer.  Use the preterite tense!\

martes/miércoles 20/21  Write 8 sentences about what Sr. Mason did as a teenager. (Keep it clean!)  Draw a picture for each.

jueves/viernes 22/23  QUIZ Regular preterite

lunes/martes 26/27  Irregular Preterite (Quick!  Run and hide!)    HANDOUT   

                                    HW: WB Write 10 things you did.  (Use irregular preterite verbs only!)

miércoles/jueves 28/29  Practice Irregular Preterite Verbs   Ball Game    Board Game    QUIZLET

viernes/lunes 30/3 ¿Quién es?  Choose a famous person (real or fictitious).  Create a slideshow with 6 slides.  

                        Each slide tells one thing that this famous person did.  Use a combination of regular and irregular verbs.  

                        You need a picture/drawing/image for each slide.  But don't tell us who the person is.  We're going to guess!



martes/miércoles 4/5  Create crossword puzzles using 20 irregular preterite verbs

jueves/viernes 6/7   QUIZ Irregular Preterite

lunes/martes 10/11   Pgs 4-5 new vocab!  HW: WB 1.3 & 1.4

miércoles/jueves 12/13  Vocabulary charades!    QUIZ RETAKES       NO HW!

viernes/lunes 14/24    Create your own Altar for Día de los Muertos

martes/miércoles 25/26     6 #1,  7 #4   HW  WB: 1.4 D & E     Continue Coco

jueves/viernes 27/28   QUIZ!  Vocab ch. 1

lunes/martes 31/1     Pages 8-9 new vocab   HW: WB 1.5



miércoles/jueves 2/3  Vocab charades, vocab pictionary     HW: 10 #1

viernes/lunes 4/7    15 the Present Progressive tense   PODCAST      HW: WB 1.10

martes/miércoles 8/9   Create 5 slides showing people doing activities and labeled with the Present Progressive tense.

               Class wide competition - Get the high score on this website    Click on Guided Practice!

jueves/lunes 10/14  QUIZZES!  Present Progressive AND Vocab section 2!

martes/miércoles 15/16  Complete sections 1, 2, 3 & 5 from pages 26-27     Write in on paper and turn it in!

jueves/viernes 17/18   La Inquisición Española

lunes/martes 21/22  CHAPTER 1 TEST!