Español 1 Daily Assignments and Homework



martes / miércoles 16/17  Boring class rules and syllabus 

jueves/viernes 18/19  Checkout Textbooks  Begin on page SH 34  The Alphabet  PODCAST

lunes/martes 22/23  Spelling practice - every student will spell their Spanish nicknames and a bunch of other words they choose to their partners

                                Also, I will spell a bunch of words to all students for listening practice

miércoles/jueves 24/25  List Five Fun Facts for each Spanish speaking country.  Also, label the countries on the map on the back side of the handout

viernes/lunes 26/29  Discuss some country fun facts    QUIZ  Alphabet

martes/miércoles 30/31  Pages 2-4  greetings and farewells  HW: WB Page LP.3 & LP.4  To access the online book and workbook, follow this link


jueves/viernes 1/2   Pages 8-9 Numbers 1-100  HW: WB LP.6  CHEESY NUMBERS PODCAST   NOT QUITE SO CHEESY PODCAST

martes/miércoles 6/7  Ball Game w/ numbers      Board Game w/ numbers   Class vs. class counting challenge   HW: LP.6  

                                QUIZ ON THURSDAY/FRIDAY!            5TH PERIOD WON THE CONTEST!!! NO QUIZ FOR THEM!!

jueves/viernes 8/9  QUIZ Numbers   There will be time for quiz make-ups of previous quizzes

lunes/martes 12/13  Page 10  Days of the week    Pages 10-11  Dates    HW:  WB page LP.7   PODCAST DAYS   PODCAST DATES

miércoles/lunes 14/19   Practice Days of the week and Dates          


martes/miércoles 20/21   Even more fun with days and dates!  Practice, practice, practice!

jueves/viernes 22/23  QUIZ Days & Dates

lunes/martes 26/27      22-23 nouns & adjectives agreement  PODCAST

                                      Using the adjectives from 22-23, describe yourself and 3 other people    HW: WB 1.3

miércoles/jueves 28/29  Correct HW       Pg. 24 #1

                                        Describe your teachers using the vocab from the book     HW:  WB 1.4 Section F

viernes/lunes 30/3    Pgs.  26-27 new vocab   HW:  WB 1.5


martes/miércoles 4/5    Vocab charades    Using the new vocabulary, describe all of your classes.  Are they big or small classes? 

                                        Are the students ambitious or lazy?  What are the teachers like?  Be sure to use the Spanish word for the class (arte/ ciencias, etc.).

jueves/viernes 6/7  QUIZZES!  Yes, 2 quizzes!  On all the vocab and grammar we've covered since our last quizzes!

lunes/martes 10/11   30   Nouns and articles    HW: WB 1.8  DEFINITE ARTICLES PODCAST    INDEFINITE ARTICLES PODCAST

miércoles/jueves 12/13    Have some fun with Alebrijes  Alebrijes Info

viernes/lunes 14/24   Día de los Muertos video 1    video 2   Skulls project

martes/miércoles 25/26    WB 1.9      Continue Coco 

jueves/viernes 27/28  QUIZ!  Definite/indefinite articles & noun/adj agreement 


lunes/martes 31/1  Page 34  the verb 'ser' and subject pronouns   HW: WB 1.10   PODCAST (subject pronouns)    PODCAST 2 (ser)



miércoles/jueves 2/3

Practice subject pronouns using these websites       HW: WB 1.11  

Practice the verb 'ser' using these websites    


viernes/lunes 4/7   Write sentences in Spanish in which you describe yourself, friends and family members. 

martes/miércoles 8/9  QUIZ Subject Pronouns & the verb 'ser'

jueves/lunes 10/14   La Inquisicón Española (review game)

martes/miércoles 15/16  Chapter review   Complete sections 1-6 on pages 46-47.  Write it on paper and turn it in!

jueves/viernes 17/18  Chapter TEST!  Use these websites to practuce:

Adjective/noun agreement    Podcast    Podcast 2    Podcast 3     Podcast 4  

Gender/plural forms of nouns 

Definite articles          PODCAST  

Indefinite articles      PODCAST 

Subject pronouns           PODCAST



lunes/martes 21/22    Return tests,  Quiz re-takes